10 reasons you'll love publishing with us

Photograph of book with centre pages folded into a love heart

  1. Close collaboration with the publishing team: we want to make sure that you are happy with your book and it reaches the broadest possible readership.
  2. We’ll keep in touch: you’ll know what’s happening at each stage, and you’ll have a named contact in every department throughout your book’s development.
  3. Print and ebook: we publish your book in print and ebook (as long as we have the rights to do so).
  4. Paperbacks for every monograph: your paperback is guaranteed to be published within two years of the hardback release.
  5. Experienced Open Access publishers: Green and Gold OA options available for your monograph.
  6. Thorough review process: we’ll help develop your proposal to make sure your book is of the exceptional academic quality expected from a University Press.
    You’ll benefit from:
    • Input from your commissioning editor before your book goes to review.
    • At least two external scholarly peer reviews.
    • Guidance from the Press Committee: 14 senior academics working in our specialist subject areas at the University of Edinburgh, who approve every book we publish.
  7. Flexible and accommodating: illustrations? Multiple languages? Arabic or Ancient Greek text? No problem!
  8. High production values and beautiful books: our production department will be in touch with you about any special requirements you have for the layout of your book, and we will involve you in finding the perfect cover. Our authors often tell us how delighted they are with their finished books.
  9. Advice from our marketing experts: we’ll give you tips to spread the word about your book to back up our international marketing activities.
  10. Global distribution: your book will be available to buy all over the world.

Next steps: your proposal

If you’ve decided that Edinburgh University Press would be a good home for your new book or book series, we’d love to hear from you.