Edinburgh University Press regularly attends or displays material at a number of conferences in the US, the UK and Europe (but please note that all 2020 conferences and some 2021 conferences have been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis).

Conference flyers for your book

If you are attending a conference or event, email your marketing executive and we'll send you a flyer that you can take with you. Please give us as much notice as possible so that we have time to design the flyer, send it to the printers and and get it posted out to you. Ideally, we'd like three months' notice, and a minimum of one month.

Conferences we attend

We regularly attend these conferences, wherever possible:

AAAL: American Association of Applied Linguistics

AAR: American Academy of Religion

AAS: Association of Adaptation Studies

ACSAA: American Council for Southern Asian Art Symposium XIX

AGLC: A.G. Leventis Conference 2019

AILA: International Association of Applied Linguistics

AIS: Association for Iranian Studies

ALA: American Literature Association

BAAS: British Association of American Studies

BAFTSS: British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies

BAMS: British Association of Modernist Studies

BIAPT: Association for Political Thought

BRAIS: British Association for Islamic Studies

BRISMES: British Society for Middle Eastern Studies

BSA: British Shakespeare Association

CA: Classical Association

CC: Captivating Criminality (International Crime Fiction Association)

CLC: Critical Legal Conference

DARE: Deleuze and Artistic Research

DGS: Deleuze and Guattari Studies

EAHNC: European Architectural History Network Conference

EAM: European Network for Avant-garde and Modernism Studies (EAM)

ECIS: Erasmus-Koordinator der WE 04

ECPR: European Consortium for Political Research

EISA: European International Studies Association Pan-European Conference on International Relations

F-P: Film-Philosophy

HIAA: Historians of Islamic Art Association

ICEHL: International Conference on English Historical Linguistics

IGA: International Gothic Association

IMC: International Medieval Congress

IPSA-AISP: International Political Science Association

ISC: International Shakespeare Conference

ISLE: International Society for the Linguistics of English

JEAS: Joint East Asian Conference 4-6 Sept 2019 at UoE

LCCT: London Conference in Critical Thought

LSA: Linguistic Society of America

MESA: Middle East Studies Association

MLA: Modern Language Association

MSA: Modernist Studies Association

NECS: European Network for Cinema and Media Studies Conference

PSA: Postcolonial Studies Association in Manchester

SAA: Shakespeare Association of America

SCMS: Society for Cinema and Media Studies

SEP-FEP: Society for European Philosophy

SF: Shared Futures

SLE: Societas Linguistica Europaea

SLS: Society of Legal Scholars

SLSA: Socio-Legal Studies Association

SM: Scottish Medievalists

SMM: Society for the Medieval Mediterranean

SPEP: Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

SS: Sociolinguistics Symposium

SSC: Screen Studies

WCSL: World Congress on Scottish Literatures

WOCMES: World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

WSC: World Shakespeare Congress

YEG: Yale-Edinburgh Group on World Christianity and the History of Missions

Visible Evidence

Other conferences

If there is a conference that you are unable to attend, but feel would offer a good opportunity to promote your book, email your marketing executive to let us know. We will try our best to get materials to it. Again, please give us as much notice as possible: ideally three months and a minimum of one month.