Downloading ebooks

Ebook formats

Our ebooks come in different formats, although not all books are available in all formats. Please make sure you buy and download the correct format for you.

After you purchase an ebook you will receive an order confirmation with a link to your ebooks, where you can download your ebook on to your computer or other device. You can access your ebooks at any time by logging in and going to 'My Account' and then to 'My Ebooks'. When you open your ebook, be sure to save a copy to your reader, tablet or PC.


EPUB and MOBI files contain content which moves fluidly between pages. These formats allow you to increase things like the font size without having to zoom in on the whole page.


You can read EPUB files on any device that is not a Kindle Fire tablet or Kindle ebook reader. If you have a Windows or Mac computer, or an iOS or Android smartphone/tablet (such as the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Samsung Note), or a non-Kindle ebook reader (such as the Kobo or Nook), we recommend downloading an EPUB where possible for the best reading experience.

Recommended reading software for EPUB

MOBI for Kindle

If you have a Kindle Fire tablet or Kindle ebook reader, or want to read your ebook using the Kindle app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you will want to buy and download a book with MOBI format available. EPUBs come with a MOBI download option, but not PDFs.


Most of our ebooks are available in PDF format, which is readable on any computer (Windows or Mac), on smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS or Windows) or on any ebook readers (like the Nook, Kobo or Kindle). Most computers, smartphones and tablets come with built-in software that can read PDFs. If you don't seem to have any built-in software on your computer, don't worry: there will be a solution. We recommend Adobe Reader.

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