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Gillian Leslie, Film Studies Publishre

Gillian Leslie

Film Studies

With a commissioning focus on American cinema, Asian cinemas, film-philosophy, film aesthetics and film genre, Edinburgh University Press’ Film Studies publishing programme is internationally renowned for its dynamic and innovative books.

We publish several well-established and successful series, including:

  • Edinburgh Studies in Film and Intermediality
  • Traditions in World Cinema
  • Traditions in American Cinema
  • ReFocus: The American Directors Series
  • Edinburgh Studies in East Asian Film

We are always happy to hear from new authors and receive feedback from our customers, so please get in touch. I hope that you enjoy browsing our Film Studies catalogue online.

New books and old favourites

  1. Experimental and Independent Italian Cinema
    Experimental and Independent Italian Cinema
    Legacies and Transformations into the Twenty-First Century

    From £19.99

    May 2022
  2. Vampires in Italian Cinema, 1956-1975
    Vampires in Italian Cinema, 1956-1975
    Michael Guarneri

    From £19.99

    May 2022
  3. Produced by Irving Thalberg
    Produced by Irving Thalberg
    Theory of Studio-Era Filmmaking
    Ana Salzberg

    From £19.99

    May 2022
  4. Cinema of Crisis
    Cinema of Crisis
    Film and Contemporary Europe

    From £24.99

    May 2022
  5. Women in the Western
    Women in the Western

    From £19.99

    May 2022
  6. Persistent Images
    Persistent Images
    Encountering Film History in Contemporary Cinema
    Andrew Utterson

    From £19.99

    May 2022
  7. British Music Videos 1966 - 2016
    British Music Videos 1966 - 2016
    Genre, Authenticity and Art
    Emily Caston

    From £19.99

    May 2022
  8. The Squid Cinema From Hell
    The Squid Cinema From Hell
    Kinoteuthis Infernalis and the Emergence of Chthulumedia
    William Brown|David H. Fleming

    From £25.99

    June 2020
  9. Kathleen Collins
    Kathleen Collins
    The Black Essai Film
    Geetha Ramanathan

    Open Access

    February 2020
  10. Cracking Gilles Deleuze’s Crystal
    Cracking Gilles Deleuze’s Crystal
    Narrative Space-time in the Films of Jean Renoir
    Barry Nevin

    From £20.99

    June 2020