Open access for readers

Open Access for Readers

We make open access books available to download for free from our website. They are also distributed to institutional libraries through open access distributors.

Open access books

How do I find open access books?

To browse all of our open access books, visit the books browse page and change the open access filter to ‘yes’.

Alternatively, you can use our advanced search option. Simply change the open access filter to ‘yes’ before you click ‘search’.

Downloading open access books

When a book is open access, all available ebook formats can be downloaded for free from our website. Simply visit the book page, add the open access book to your basket and complete check-out. If you do not already have an account with us, you will need to create an account before you can download your ebooks. The difference is that you will not be asked for payment information because there is no charge for open access books. If you are being asked for payment, please check that you do not have any non-open access books or ebooks in your basket.

Your ebooks are conveniently stored in the ‘my ebooks’ part of your account, whether they are open access or you have bought them. Completing check out adds the book to your account. Once you have completed check out, visit your account to download your ebooks. Make sure you save a copy of your ebook to your device so that you don’t have to download it every time you want to read it. Our ebook pdfs and epubs are DRM-free so you can save them on multiple devices.

When you create an account, we do not use your information to market products to you or sell your data to any other companies. You can find more information about what happens to your data when you create an account in our privacy policy.

If you do not wish to create an account, we will happily email you a copy of the open access ebook. Send an email to and let us know the title, author and the ISBN of the ebook format of the open access book that you would like (you can find the ebook ISBN on the book’s webpage). Alternatively, you can download all of our open access ebooks and chapters from OApen Library.

Open access chapters

Where books have open access chapters, you can download these as PDF files directly from the book's webpage. Click on the 'Resources' tab to see the available chapters.

Books with open access chapters

You can access pdfs of the following open access chapters directly from the list below.

Age of Rogues: Rebels, Revolutionaries and Racketeers at the Frontiers of Empires

Edited by Ramazan Hakkı Öztan and Alp Yenen

Big Data and Democracy

Edited by Kevin Macnish and Jai Galliott

Challenging Cosmopolitanism: Coercion, Mobility and Displacement in Islamic Asia

Edited by Joshua Gedacht and R. Michael Feener

The Edinburgh Companion to the Critical Medical Humanities

Edited by Anne Whitehead and Angela Woods; Associate Editors: Sarah Atkinson, Jane Macnaughton and Jennifer Richards

Ensemblance: The Transnational Genealogy of Esprit de Corps

Luis De Miranda

Ethics of Drone Strikes: Restraining Remote-Control Killing

Edited by Christian Enemark

Islamisation: Comparative Perspectives from History

Edited by A. C. S. Peacock

The Politics of Culture in Contemporary Turkey

Edited by Pierre Hecker, Ivo Furman, Kaya Akyıldız

Salafi Social and Political Movements: National and Transnational Contexts

Edited by Masooda Bano