Publication day!

Photograph of celebratory fireworks

Publication day is here and it’s time to celebrate! Your book will usually be published 9 months after you have submitted your manuscript. You can always check our website to see when it’s due to publish. Books usually publish one month later in the Americas, although this may be longer if your book has colour images.

Your gratis copies

The number of complimentary books you will receive is agreed in your contract.

We will be in touch with everyone who is entitled to complimentary copies – authors, editors and chapter contributors – around one month before publication to ask for your preferred delivery address. Please keep an eye out for this email and respond swiftly as we won’t be able to order your book without an up-to-date address.

If you’re based in the UK, your book will be with you very close to the publication date. If you live elsewhere in the world, it will take a few weeks longer. In extreme cases, it might take up to three months for your book to arrive due to customs and shipping delays (but it is usually quicker than that).

Your author discount

As a published author or editor, you’re entitled to a 40% discount on all of our books (not just your own!).

Contributor discounts

If you’ve contributed a chapter to one of our books, you’re entitled to a 20% discount on all of our books. We’ll email you your secret discount code when we ask for your delivery address. If you’ve mislaid it, simply email your assistant commissioning editor and we’ll send you a reminder.

Tell your friends

Don’t be shy – you’re bound to know a lot of people who are excited to read your new book. Why not spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whichever social networks you’re on? Our marketing team can even give you a special launch discount code for anyone who wants to buy their own copy.