Your marketing checklist

Your marketing checklist

The Edinburgh University Press marketing team are working to promote your book to bookshops, libraries and academics throughout the world. At the same time, we recognise that, when it comes to your work, you're the expert. Nobody knows your book better than you – and you probably know a lot of people who are very interested in your work! Here are some easy ways that you can help to spread the word about your book to people working in your field.


  • If you would like a flyer advertising your book, email your marketing executive and we'll create one for you.
  • If your book is available to order, we'll include a discount code. Orders open the month before publication.
  • We'll send you a pdf and we can post you printed copies on request.


  • Share your book's webpage and the launch discount code NEW30 (for 30% off on our website) far and wide!
  • If you've requested one, why not share your book flyer pdf as an attachment too?
  • If you'd like an image to use with your online promotions, email your marketing executive and we'll send you a jpeg of your book's front cover. 

Social media


  • Email your book flyer to your friends and colleagues.
  • Post an announcement to any mailing lists or list servs that you're a member of. We can write the announcement for you – just ask your marketing executive.
  • Include a link to your book's webpage in your email signature.
  • Add a banner image promoting your book to your email signature. We can design this for you – just ask your marketing executive.


  • Add your new book details to any websites, wiki pages or social media pages that you or your department have.
  • Create or update your author page at Amazon and include your new book.

Conferences and events

  • Keep a stack of printed flyers that you can hand out in person – particularly handy for conferences. Let your marketing executive know how many flyers you'd like, the conferences that you’re planning on attending and the address you'd like us to post them to.
  • Add a slide with the book details at the end of your presentation when giving papers or talks.

Library recommendations

  • Check that your library has ordered a copy.
  • If your book is an edited collection, remind your contributors to check their libraries have ordered a copy too.
  • Encourage your friends and contacts at other universities to request a copy of your book for their library.

We'll support you every way that we can. Whether you'd like us to put together a slide or write an email announcement, just let us know how we can help.